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Nutrasal Releases Optima C-PC - Advanced Bio-Available Curcumin


Heidi Davidson

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Heidi Davidson

Advanced Bio-Available Curcumin and PC, Optima C-PC introduced by Nutrasal, Inc.

PORTLAND, MAINE - September 13th, 2011 - Nutrasal officially releases Optima C-PC® to the professional market. Using highly purified phosphatidylcholine, a patent pending manufacturing process and a proprietary blend of Essential Phospholipids, Optima C-PC proves to be an optimized curcumin blend of superior quality, bio-availability, efficacy and value.

Optima CPC: Optima C-PC is a finely-tuned matrix of ingredients that are brought together in a gentle multi-step process. The end product is precisely set in a way that preserves and protects ingredients from the harsh environment of the stomach, and promotes rapid absorption into the bloodstream and target tissues.

The new product leverages an ideal absorption-promoting system allowing "free"curcumin to pass the blood brain barrier. The technology was developed by leading UCLA Researchers and is based on solid clinical research using validated analytical methodologies.

The technology utilizes Solid Lipid Curcumin Micro Particles (SLCP™ Technology) optimized for maximum targeting of curcumin into the blood and tissues. And, efforts made by UCLA show achievable doses of bioavailable curcumin given to humans has achieved the required levels of 0.1μM free (unglucuronidated) curcumin in plasma. In fact, further research has demonstrated that this advanced form of optimized curcumin is up to 65X more bio-available; and the only orally available form of curcumin capable of delivering "free" curcumin into the blood and target tissues.

Optima C-PC is a proprietary formulation of cutting-edge SLCP Technology and Longvida® RD Optimized Curcumin, balanced with a synergistic blend of highly purified PC lipids including phosphatidylcholine (PC) and phosphatidylinositol (PI). This Unique combination of Optimized Curcumin&trade, PC, and PI is a powerful combination of brain function ingredients with a focus on:

(1) Chronic Neuro Inflammation and Amyloid Plaque

(2) Membrane Integrity, Fluidity, and Receptor Capability

(3) Cerebral Blood Flow and Microcirculation

(4) Neuro Transmission and Acetylcholine Synthesis.

"We are very pleased with Optima C-PC. It is a remarkable combination of ingredients and phospholipid technology. This product is confirmation of Nutrasal's commitment to leverage our expertise in phospholipid technology to significantly improve an ingredients bio-availability, efficacy, and value" remarks Bruce Perry, President, Nutrasal, Inc.

Located in Portland, Maine, Nutrasal is committed to developing highly purified phospholipids and technologically advanced products based on solid drug research. Nutrasal provides products through distribution and directly to healthcare professionals around the world. We guarantee that our ingredients are of the highest quality, are manufactured in FDA approved facilities to the highest cGMP and USP standards, are GRAS status, and meet or exceed all label specifications.


SLCP Technology is a trademark and Longvida is a registered trademark of Verdure Sciences, Inc.

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